Cogent Concepts - Clientele
Cogent Concepts - Empowering Your Vision

Dawn D. Collins, the principal agent of Cogent Concepts, is an Obama Campaign veteran. In addition, some of Cogent's clientele includes:

Governor John Bel Edwards
U.S. Congressman Cedric Richmond, Congressional District 2
State Senate Regina Barrow, Baton Rouge
State Representative Edward Ted James, Baton Rouge
Councilwoman C. Denise Marcelle, Baton Rouge
District Attorney Bridget Dinvaut, St. John Parish
Sharon Weston Broome for Mayor-President, Baton Rouge
Councilman At Large Larry Sorapuru Jr, St. John Parish
Charlotte McDaniel McGeehee for Commissioner of Insurance
Leah Cullins for Council, Baton Rouge

Non-profit, Small Business, and Individuals
Independent Living,  Incorporated
Janice I., Appealant of Employer Performance Evaluation
Louisiana Consumer Healthcare Coalition
One Voice Louisiana
W.T. Winfield and Engineering Associates